1. The Hilton Head International Piano Competition welcomes pianists of all nationalities.
  2. Applicants must be at least age 13 at the beginning of the Competition (March 6, 2017) and no older than 17 at the end of the Competition (March 11, 2017).
  3. First Prize Winners of previous Hilton Head International Piano Competitions in this age category are not eligible to apply again.
  4. Any applicant who falls into one of the categories below will NOT be eligible for this competition:
    • related to any member of the 2017 Competitor Selection Jury or the 2017 Competition Jury, or
    • has studied as a private student or student at a University or School of Music in the past five years with any member of the 2017 Competitor Selection Jury or the 2017 Competition Jury as their primary teacher [excluding master classes, summer programs and festivals] or,
    • has been coached by a member of either of the 2017 Juries in preparation for the 2017 Hilton Head International Piano Competition