2017 Hilton Head International Piano Competition

All candidates must complete the application process online. We have partnered with leading digital audition provider, Acceptd, Inc., to collect all applicant information, supporting documentation, application fees, audio files, and video audition files.

The application is available on line now. The deadline for submission is 11:59pm September 30, 2016.

The application fee of US $135 is payable when the application is submitted and must be paid only by credit card.


DATES:  March 6 – 11, 2017

AGE:  13 through 17

LOCATION:  Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, USA

CHAPERONES:  Competitors under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a chaperone.  Competitors 15 to 17 years of age may choose to be accompanied by a chaperone; however any competitor 15-17 who elects to come unaccompanied must have his/her parent or guardian sign a waiver which will be provided by the Competition office.

COMPETITION PIANOS:  Steinway & Sons graciously provides the grand pianos for the Competition and its related events. The Steinway grand piano Model D will be available to the 2016 competitors for action testing on March 5 at the competition venue.

COMPETITION ROUNDS:  The 2017 Hilton Head International Piano Competition will consist of three rounds of competition.

  • Round I                                               20 Competitors
  • Round II                                             20 Competitors
  • Round III – Finals                                5 Competitors


COMPETITOR SELECTION JURY:  The Competitor Selection Jury will evaluate, without discussion, all video audition files on the basis of commonly accepted musical criteria. The Jury will then select twenty (20) competitors to compete in the 2017 Hilton Head International Piano Competition. The Jury will also provide the competition administration with a rank ordered list of alternates.  The Jury’s decision is final.

Competitor Selection Jury
  • John O’Conor, Chair – Ireland
  • Ran Dank – Israel
  • Yong Hi Moon – South Korea


Competition Jury
  • Janice Weber, Chair – USA
  • Angela Cheng – Canada
  • Alexander Korsantia – Russia
  • Julian Martin – USA
  • Antonio Pompa-Baldi – Italy


COMPETITOR ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE DATES: All competitors (and their chaperone) are expected to arrive on Friday, March 3 (for those traveling from international locations), or Saturday March 4 (for those traveling from U.S. locations) and to remain until Sunday, March 12, 2017.

If a competitor (and chaperone) want to stay in the Hilton Head area for any days falling before or after the period of March 3 – 12, they will be responsible for arrangements and payment for their own lodging, food, and transportation during that time.

HOST FAMILY ACCOMMODATIONS: :  Each competitor (and his/her chaperone) stays in the home of a Host Family from arrival on March 3 or 4 to departure March 12, 2017, who provides lodging, food, all local transportation, and a grand piano for practice.

TRANSPORTATION:  The Competition will reimburse up to $500 in travel costs for each of the twenty (20) competitors.  Chaperones will be responsible for all of their own travel expenses.



  • Monday and Tuesday – March 6 & 7: Round I
  • Wednesday and Thursday – March 8 & 9: Round II
  • Friday – March 10:  School Ambassador Program
  • Friday– March 10: Master Classes
  • Saturday – March 11: One-on-One Conversations with the Judges
  • Saturday – March 11: Round III Finals (Awards Ceremony & Reception)



First Prize: $10,000 cash prize, plus:
  • Concerto performance with the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra (2016-2017 Season)
  • Other offered engagements, subject to arrangements with presenters
Second Prize: $5,000 cash prize
Third Prize: $3,000 cash prize
2 Medalists: $1,000 cash prize each
Sascha Gorodnitzki Memorial Prize: $1,000 judges’ discretionary cash prize
Peter Takács Classical Sonata Prize: $500


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