Ticket Sales –

Volunteers will sell tickets and need to be at ease with the fast pace of handling cash, checks, and credit card transactions.

Merchandise Sales –

Volunteers will sell merchandise such as posters and CD’s. They must be at ease with the fast pace of handling cash, checks, credit card transactions, and managing merchandise inventory.

Entry Door Greeter/Zip Code Collector –

Volunteers will greet patrons at the entrance of the venues, give appropriate guidance, and record zip codes of attendees on a form to be provided.  Assist patrons with doors when necessary.

Door Monitor –

Check tickets and distribute materials to patrons. Close the doors when the performance begins and open the doors when performance concludes.

Usher –

Assist patrons to their seats and maintain silence and decorum during performances. Handle any emergencies that may arise.

Competitor Escort –

Greet the competitors and escort them to the appropriate warm-up location. Monitor the warm-up room to insure the performer is not disturbed. At the scheduled time, escort the competitor to the designated backstage position and wait till he/she has finished to escort the competitor off stage.

Alternate –

Be willing and able to fill in for any of the above positions in case of emergency or a “no show”.  Alternates must report for assigned session.

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