2019 Hilton Head International Piano Competition


The 2019 Hilton Head International Piano Competition is pleased to present the 20 pianists who will compete in March 2019.  They were selected from 227 applicants.


They are, in alphabetical order:

 Hannah Byun, age 24, Canada
Junhui Chen, age 24, China
Yi-Yang Chen, age 28, Taiwan
Jonathan Ferrucci, age 24, Italy/Australia
Anna Han, age 22, United States
Yun Chih Hsu, age 21, Taiwan
Tzu-Yin Huang, age 29, Taiwan
Do-Hyun Kim, age 24, South Korea
Daria Kiseleva, age 29,  Russia
Jakub Kuszlik, age 21, Poland
Jocelyn Lai, age 27, Canada
Hoyel Lee, age 29, South Korea
Priscila Navarro, age 24, Peru
Arisa Onoda, age 22, Japan
Chaeyoung Park, age 21, South Korea
Wenting Shi, age 26, China
Alexey Sychev, age 30,  Russia
Zitong Wang, age 19, China
Yuchong Wu, age 22, China
Suah Ye, age 18, South Korea