Our fabulous HHSO musicians are an “instrumental” part of the piano competition as they accompany the finalists’ concerto performances. “Pay for a Piper” offers Competition supporters the chance to salute their favorite instruments – or instrumentalists – with a $500 contribution to “pay for the pipers.”
We proudly present 2019’s Piper Patrons.


Vie for a Violin
Alice and Juergen Brockmann
Cary and Peter Fleming
Mary Ann and John Goodrich
Mona and Joe Huff
Ryan Huff
Pat and Charles Sinatra

Value a Viola
Alice and Juergen Brockmann

Linda and Ray Maloney

Choose a Cello
Marianne and George Krall

Darnell Lattal
Zachery Lloyd

Bank on a Bass
Alice and Juergen Brockmann

Heather and Bob Cherichella
Judy and Dr. Bill Thorpe
Terri Weiss

Favor a Flute
Joan and Charles Dattelbaum

Barbara and Arnold Fleisher
Mona and Joe Huff

Opt for an Oboe
Mary and Mike Briggs

Ginger and Mike Caporal
Sharon and Stan Potter
Mary Princing
Mary Ann and Terry Putnam
Bill and Kathy Zurilla

Clamor for a Clarinet
Linda and Chuck Eberly
Sidney Egnor
Laura and Bret Jacobowitz
Lorene and Tom Thornbury

Treasure a Trombone
Miyoko Lotto

Book a Bassoon
Mary and Mike Briggs

Michael and Susan Harter

Highlight a Horn
Barbara Holmes

Kathy and Terry Orr

Target a Trumpet
Peggy Ashworth

Joan and Charles Dattelbaum
Karen and Buck Edwards

Tap into Timpani
Bradley Jacobs

Have a Harp
Sandy and Ralph Drayer

Sally Evans
Susan and Ed Parrish
Mary Princing
Mona and Tim Ridge
Pamela and Bob Savage