The 88 Key Society was introduced as a new gifting opportunity during the 2013 Hilton Head International Piano Competition.  It is limited to a maximum of 88 members, each of them “owning” one or more keys of the “Competition piano.”  

You may become a member of this exclusive society of supporters by purchasing one (or more) of the available 88 keys with a donation of $500 per key. Pick your individual notes and own your own keys.  

– Members are acknowledged in both the HHIPC and the Hilton Head Symphony Orchestra program books and on both websites.

– Society members’ names are also on display at all HHSO post-concert receptions and throughout the Competition week.

– Society members will have preferred seating for tickets purchased for the semi final and final rounds of the International Piano Competition.

–  Members may renew their membership in the 88 Key Society annually with a gift of  $500 for each of their keys. If a member decides to relinquish membership, keys will become available to other supporters.

Many thanks to the 88 Key Society Members for the 2018-19 season:

Marilyn and Arthur Althans
Peggy Ashworth
Dede Bethke
Estie and Dominick Bonanno
Darle and Bob Booher
Nancy and Dave Borghesi
Mary and Mike Briggs
Betsy and Dan Brown
Thor and James Burns
    In honor of Kathleen Colvin
Ginger and Dr. Mike Caporal
Sandy and Fred Caswell
Heather and Bob Cherichella
Clair and Ted Craver
Joan and Charles Dattelbaum
Linda and Bill DeArment
Sandy and Ralph Drayer
Linda and Charles Eberly
Karen and Buck Edwards
Patty and Dave Ekedahl
Tricia and Jay Elliot
Sally Evans
Cary and Peter Fleming
Nancy and Larry Fuller
Mary Ann and John Goodrich
Debby Graves
Kathy Grote
Carol and Fred Hack
Susan and Michael Harter
Sharon and Gordon Hassing
HHSO Musicians
Mona and Joe Huff
Ryan Huff
Patricia and Ford Hutchinson
Laura and Bret Jacobowitz
Bradley Jacobs
Kevin and Betty Anne Keane
Marianne and George Krall
Christine and Dr. Juan LaCerda
Carol and John Lang
Kendall and Darnell Lattal
Myla Lerner
Miyoko Lotto
Clare and Jim Mackie
Eloise and Robert Mason
Evelyn McNair
Holly and Paul Moeri
Carolyn Moore
Jane and Dr. William Murray
Linda and Glenn Neff
Drs. Janine and David Nelson
Marty and Jim Neumeister
Mary Noonan
Susan and Ed Parrish
Mary Princing and Bill Clark
Mary Ann and Terry Putnam
Dr. William and Sylvia Richards
Mona and Tim Ridge
Jeffrey Roberts
Nina and Stewart Rodman
Dr. George Constant Sakakini
Frances and Charles Sampson
Pamela and Robert Savage
Patricia and Charles Sinatra
Hendrik and Mieke Smit
Michael and Barbara Sorkin
Lorene and Tom Thornbury
Dr. William and Judy Thorpe
Carol Tucker
Elizabeth and John Vinton
Connie and Jerry Voight
Margaret Walker
Jim Way
Florence and James Willard
Lois Wilson
Barbara and Michael Wolf
Rhetta and Buzz Yount